Chick Grit?


11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
West Central Wisconsin
I ordered some Chick Grit from McMurray today, now that it is coming, what else can I give my wee ones as a treat, they are 5 days old. I want to get them used to other things, but not sure what at such a young age.
Many people give crushed hard-boiled egg yolk as the first treat. Crumbled bread would also be good, especially cornbread without the crust. Do not give them greens at a tender age as it can make them real loose.

I suggest introducing one treat at a time and see if it causes digestive problems. In a couple of days, you can introduce something else. And I'm sure you know it should be like giving a child candy. Don't give them enough treats to keep them from eating their main food. Not good for them.
Thank you Ridgerunner, you would think that this is my first time raising chicks, actually it is my fourth time, but first since BYC!!! So informative I tell all chicken owners that I know to come here for information or to share their knowledge.
When the flock is older and you need adult grit, check out the fleet farm in your area for some of your needs.
It saves shipping and the quantity for the dollars is worth it.

~ bigzio

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