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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickiegrl06, Apr 30, 2016.

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    Hello- i have 4 3 1/2 week old Silkie chicks that were separated from the other 11 chicks after about a week. I was afraid because of the size difference they would get trampled. Our other chicks are the same age and are a mix of different breeds(all larger). Now that they are about 4 weeks old and a little bigger i want to have them coexist with the rest of the flock. The other birds are about 3-4 time bigger than the slikies. Is it safe to bring them all together again? Or will the larger birds hurt or kill the smaller ones? Any help or suggestions given are much appriciated! God Bless!
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    it would sure be neat if chicks came with some simple instructions. One of the rules would be don't separate your chicks from sight of the rest, but keep them where they can still all see one another. If you managed to keep the Silkies within view of the standard chicks, you won't need to re-introduce them. If they've been out of sight, then you will need to let them get acquainted again so they know they belong together.

    After they've been looking at each other for a week, then try putting them together. Depending on how it goes, there are different things you can try to get them integrated, such as putting one or two bigger chicks with the Silkies for starters. You need to be prepared, though, for the eventuality that Silkies and standards may not be compatible. Silkies are so timid and small, sometimes they are easy targets for bullying, and they may need their own space.

    And that might not be a bad idea anyway. I integrate different sizes and ages using a panic room setup. This involves a safe pen with entrances (more than one) that the larger chickens can't fit through. That way the smaller ones always have a safe refuge where they can relax in safety. Food and water are kept in this pen so they don't need to compete for them. If I had Silkies, I'd make a permanent enclosure where they can be safe from the big chickens but can still mingle with the rest of the flock if they choose.

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