Chick just got attacked. Help!


10 Years
Mar 14, 2009
Tully, NY
Just stopped a hawk from flying off with a 15 week old chick. She has a pretty big gash on the back of her neck. I have her isolated. She is open mouth breathing and closing her eyes. Vets are closed. Any advice?
Keep her in a quiet darkened area. Right now she is in shock. I have 'rescued' many pigeons from such attacks. If the impact of attack was hard enough, and there are internal injuries there is little that you can do for the chick. If the neck gash is the major injury, such wounds heal readily with the application of antibiotic ointment. In my experience some survive such attacks and others don't. Good luck with her.
She may be in shock after such an injury. They can make a recovery sometimes with awful looking wounds, and you should know if she is going to make it in the next 24 hours. Clean the wound with an antiseptic soap such as betadine, hibiclens , or just dish soap and water. Dry it a little so that you can see the damage. Apply neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment to keep it moist. If there is bleeding, apply gentle pressure. She needs to be left undisturbed with food and water. Scrambled egg, yogurt, and wet chicken feed might encourage her to eat. Don't try to stitch anything since it needs to heal from the inside out. If you notice any infection she may need an antibiotic, but for now just keep it clean and free of flies who will lay maggot larvae in it.
Thank you so much. I will hope for the best. I am afraid to let the others out now. I don't know what to do. It is hot inside even with a fan.
Trust me on this - now that the hawk knows that there is 'food' available it will be lurking. Right now they are starting their migration from breeding grounds to the North and will be a pest for several months. Then we have the residents to deal with.
Do you have a covered pen that your birds can utilize when you are not able to monitor and assure their protection?
I have hawks also that are more active in the spring and fall, and if I stand outside in the chicken yard they usually will stay away. It is and unfortunate part of having free range chickens. They don't seem to bother the full size chickens as much, and having a rooster seems to help for warning purposes. I have evergreen trees spaced around, and they hide under these trees when a hawk is around. You might try making some little shelters for them to get under.
That is what I am afraid of. They are not in a covered pen but they are fenced in a pen. I guess that will be my next project. A friend just gave me a fake owl to put out. Will that help?
I got a good look at her wound, a tear in the skin about the size of a quarter. She looks to be doing ok considering what she went through.I better buy a gun!
The fake owl might scare your chickens at first. When they do get used to it they will not be afraid of a real owl (if one happened to dome around or attack).:/
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The best solution eventually will be a top for your pen. Some have used 'deer fencing' from Home Depot. I believe that it is relatively inexpensive, but it might not hold up in the winters. I'm guessing Tully gets lots of snow?

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