Chick no eyes brought home by dog!**UPDATE!**

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12 Years
Jun 23, 2010
My cousin and I both have chickens but today her dog decided to bring home a hen pecked chick that appears to have no eyes. It's eating some mush she gave it but we have no idea where it came from or if we should try to save it! Can you raise a blink chicken? Does it need to be seperated from all the others? What can you feed an approx 6 week old chick with no starter/grower available aside from egg yolks?? Help!
well i see it like this..i am a softy for animals and even tho i got a mentally challenged duck im going to give her a shot and see how well she does and if she can be put in with the other flock of ducks i got..and as far as the blind part have u checked closely to see if she has no eyes..stupid question but i had a chicken that got attacked and her eyes looked like they were gone but they were just crusted over with blood and scabs from the attack.. all i can say is if u think u got the time give her/him a shot and see how it goes..but if not then i would consider to cull the chick... also if it does make it then ya it could b put in with the others but make sure ur hens are nice and friendly..i have had animals that are disabled in ways that the other animals actually jump in and help them out make sure they get there food and water..
Update! A) It's a quail
B) It's not very young. It's all feathered out and the size of about a 6 week chicken.
C) Sure enough there is an eye under all that scab! The second is still soaking.
D) I think it can see!
E) What to do with a quail????
Get some medicated chick feed, maybe some mealworms if its food shy. A small cage is good. Quails are great, make sure you handle him everyday and make sure you practice good hygiene like washing hands before and after you handle him. You may want to clip a wing when he gets older cause they like to fly when scared.
oh that is soo wonderful.. i had to soak my chickens eyes for bout a week b4 they would stop crusting i hope ur ready for a long process... u will have to do it bout 2 times a day with the eyes..and sweet a quail.. that's cool.. just be careful cause it could be wild i would keep it away from ur flock.. because it might have mites or other bugs... all i can say is good luck and keep us updated.. oh and put some triple antibiotic over its eyes that will help it from crusting over so much through out the day.. plus it will make the skin around its eyes soft so ur not trying to take a chisel to its eyes to get the crust
Just realized I never updated this thread! I used triple antibiotic and saline and got both eyes open! First was by night one and second the next morning! She was very happy to be able to see! She was super active and VERY loud at 5am every day! She went to our local Animal Adventures! They do educational programs for children :)

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