Chick pipped air cell, egg fell over

Depends on whether your hand turning them or are they in an automatic turner?
If hand turning not much can be done about the placement, maybe put them in an egg carton, if it will fit in the incubator, to keep them from rolling around or the other chicks playing soccer with them. If it's falling out of the automatic turner that would be a problem! In that case, I'd take the turner out and lay the eggs on the grated bottom of the incubator covered with cupboard shelving material.
Ideally, the turner should be removed before they start pipping, usually 3 days before the hatch date.
No, the eggs fall over. by themselves, I don't turn them, just straighten them. I have one of those cheap 7 egg incubators, that I found success with, and the holes are too big.
I'm not sure what is being discused here. My incubator instructions and my beginner chicken book both say to remove the egg turner a couple days before hatch date. And do not turn the eggs or open the incubator during this time.
The egg should be on its side at hatching.
Think about what happens when eggs are under a broody hen. Nature knows the best way in my opinion.
Good luck with your hatch!
The Lock-Down Period

The last 2-3 days before the eggs hatch is a critical time! How do I do it correctly?

There are two important things to do during the last 2-3 days of your hatch.

First: stop turning the eggs. If you are turning the eggs by hand, just stop turning them. If you are using an automatic egg turner, remove the turner from the incubator, place the eggs on the wire mesh, and LEAVE THEM ALONE! This is the stage where the chick will move into its final hatching position.

Second: you need to increase the humidity level in your incubator. During the last three days (the "lock-down" period), the humidity level should be increased to between 70-80%.

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