chick stuck to bottom part of egg shell... helppp


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This is different then the stuff i have read on the other byc threads.
The thing is that my egg hatched with very little assistance by that i mean i just enlarged the hole which it could not enlarge, after that he used his head and feet to break of other parts of the shell... HOWEVERRR..... it is stuck to the bottom part of the shell....the shell is reddish but dryish and i can see the yellow egg sack attached to its pink bloated skin apparently it might be the umblical chord.....its day 22 and its been 26 hrs since its been out and been in the can i help it any ways.....???? please help here.....the egg yolk still has not absorbed and should i feed it but then again it looks kinda premature compared to the other one which hatched like as if he was meant to conquer this world....if he lives i am so sure he will always have a speciallll place in my heart cuz he already has made such a big impact on me
I had a similar experience and I pulled the chick through, but it was a bit of a mission. You have to keep the yolk sac and the chick's navel damp and in the shell, until it detaches naturally. This could take hours. I wrapped a wet cloth around the shell, wrapped all that in a dry cloth and left the chick under a red lamp so she doesn't get cold. It's tricky and you are going to have to be very hands-on and careful. Make sure she stays "stuck" and in the shell and don't let it dry out.
Don't give it food or water. New chicks don't need any for the first 1-3 days.
Good luck!
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