Chick tiny, barely growing, lost wing feathers


Feb 9, 2018
Hey all, I have a chick that is two weeks and a few days old. Some kind of bantam, don't know it's breed. It is the one pictured next to the one week old silver duckwing OEGB in the picture. Anyway, during his/her first couple weeks, the wing feathers came in normally and it had little wings like chicks typically have--then within a day they all fell off! Only the little nubby feathers you see in the picture are left. This chick is also exceptionally small, I mean it's next to a ONE week old OEGB which are very small themselves =/ It eats, drinks, it's lived for two weeks just fine but...what is going on with it?
Diet: Dumor Chick Starter
In with other chicks
Kept warm
NOT growing at the same rate as the batch of chicks I bought it with


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Your chick is likely a failure-to-thrive victim. These are chicks that usually have genetic abnormalities and can't process the nutrients they take in, so they fall behind in growth. The also can't get warm enough because they aren't generating much body heat from their calories.

You can try chick vitamins. If you live where they sell Poultry Nutri-drench at feed stores, it would be the best formula since it goes right into the blood stream providing an immediate boost. After than, special feeding is often necessary. I find finely minced boiled egg and crumbles tofu two easily digested and high protein foods that can get a tiny chick launched.
Thank you. I bought the poultry nutri drench and directly administered it (orally) from the dropper. I've never had a chick that seemed so naturally weak survive this long, I kind of want to help the little guy however I can.

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