Chick with eye issues


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Oct 10, 2009
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Chick is about four weeks old and away from mom. I noticed the eye issue today. From the top of the head (looking down) it looks like a growth or a wart type on the upper part of the eye (like where an eyebrow would be). I don't know what's up with Fluffy Butt.

I don't know what is wrong but can you give her some eye drops? Like the kind you give a dog with antibiotics in them. If anything I would soak a clothe in a mild warm salt water solution and put it on her eye and give her a very very small piece of baby aspirin. Be careful not to drown her though the cloth should be wrung out well.
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It might help. I'm taking my picture to the feed store tomorrow and maybe they can help. I hate to have a sick chick like that.
There was another post here last night with a very similar picture. I noticed it because I, too, have a rooster with the same eye. My rooster's comb has sores on it, too, actually scabs.

The responses to the other post mainly pointed toward fowl pox. I looked it up, and I'm pretty sure that's what my rooster has. Maybe you should look it up, too. I hope you get some answers - and that your chick gets better soon!!

I looked up fowl pox and that seemed likely. I took my picture into the feed store today and they seemed to think it was from coming in contact with fecal matter via the water. I have a couple chicks that perch up on the water jug, so it's likely. They suggested I put duramyacin in the water for a few days and see if that helps. I did, and the chicks aren't too thrilled with it.

Winky is wandering around in a circle, that eye is almost all closed and he/she can't see very well. Poor thing.
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So it's been a couple days since I treated Winky. Last night my husband and I were preparing ourselves for a one-eyed chicken. I thought Winky might lose the eye. I checked today and there's improvement! The eye was almost swollen shut last night, and this morning I could see the pupil and stuff. It's dull and Winky might have a scar around the area for awhile but things are looking up for my little chick.

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