Chick with neck problem....

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10 Years
Aug 24, 2009
I have a 4 week old EE chick that started acting like she was shivering , and now her neck is bent slightly to the side . What is wrong with her ? She is full of energy , and eats and drinks fine , and even runs around the brooder . Thank you in advance for any help that you have to offer , you guys are the best !!!
IDK about the shivering, but the neck sounds like wry neck. Get some PolyViSol liquid baby vitamins WITHOUT IRON, from drugstore. Give the chick about 3 drops a day for a week, dribbled on the beak, so she drinks it. Some people say wry neck comes from vitamin deficiency. You can use BYC search to learn more, and maybe find more info about how to treat. Good luck!

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