Chicken acting weird


Mar 30, 2015
Happy easter :)
My golden laced wiandotte was hiding behind an old trampoline in my shed and seems to be panting a little. I took her out of there and she went back in. She also was between the wall and my lawn mower. When she was behind the trampoline she did the egg call and I checked for eggs and there was none. It is way warmer here then usual could this be why she's acting this way. Also yesterday something fell on the grownd in my yard which scared my chickens out of the yard and into my shed... They thought it was a hall or something. Could she just be still scars becuase of that? Thanks in advance.
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A couple of questions.....

How old is she, and has she ever laid before?

How long have you had her?

Have you added any new chickens recently?

What sort of temps is it where you are?

My chickens will always pant when it's hot, so that in and of itself is ok. They also pant while they are laying. It might just be that she is a little flustered and needing to lay an egg, but can't find a cool spot to sit.

- Krista
Thank you,

She is little over a year old and she has layed before.
I've had her since she was a chick at about 2 days old.
No I haven't added any new chickens recently but 2 days ago one of my chickens passed away so could that be why she's acting like this?
It's almost 80 degrees where I am and not even a week ago it was around only 60 degrees... Big temperate change!

She is not acting weird anymore I guess since it's cooler out at night. But also after she was in my shed I found her in the laying boxes and a little bit later she was out but there was no eggs. This has happened before so do you think she's ok?
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Was the chicken that died the top hen?
That may have thrown them for a loop.

The sudden increase in heat has my birds all panting a bit too..searching out cooler spots to rest during the day.
I don't think she was the top hen but she was around the top of the pecking order. The hen who was acting weird isn't acting weird any more. Yes, it was probably the increase in heat. :) thanks!
Please help! My polish chicken(2 years old) is been acting weird. Two days ago I saw that her back end had dry poop. So I picked her up and cleaned her. Gave her a warm bath. Separate her from the others. For 24 hours. She looks like she is down and depressed for the better word. She used to be very active and the one that raises hell around. She won't get up on the roost. It's been very hot here in the south the past few days. I have provide them clean water and even different stations of water. Any idea of what can it be. Please advise. Thank you

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