Chicken Attacked by Dog

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    Jan 16, 2012

    Recently, my Irish Wolfhound attacked one of our chickens. It wasn't out of aggression, he scared her, she ran, he chased her down, picked her up with his mouth and shook her. I yelled at him and he immediately dropped her but upon picking her up I saw an open wound on her back from his teeth, and you could see her internal organs.

    I did not think she would make it through the night but she somehow did. I have her in a covered cage with water, food, and a heat lamp. She is now acting like normal but still with the open wound.

    What do I do?
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    Mar 14, 2011
    Can you take and post a picture?? My first thought is to pack the wound ASAP with neosporin (nothing with "caine" in it), and keep her in the same cage that you have her in. Be sure the heat lamp isn't heating her too much! Keep an eye on the wound and keep it filled with neosporin....
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    Isolation, heat lamp, neosporin AND antibiotics if things look infected. I had a hen with her skin ripped off on one side of her body from rooster mounting....healed perfectly. Good luck!
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    If not bleeding much or at all, you can also give aspirin for pain relief (1 baby aspirin [81 mg] mixed in one cup of drinking water).
    Electrolytes for shock (more relevant in the hours immediately following trauma) - a bit of Gatorade or Pedialtye in a pinch.
    A drop or two of Rescue Remedy (a Back flower remedy) is known for its calming, stress reducing effect. They now have a Pet version (there's a paw print on the label) - you can put a drop on each of a couple of bits of fruit or whatever she likes. If don't have pet version use regular version and put drop or two in her water.

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