Chicken book recommendation?


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Jan 29, 2011
what is your favorite overall chicken raising book? Particularly, with a good section on broody hens and incubating?
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Well, I just bought my son the book called, Raising chickens...a kid's guide to raising and showing Since we are originally city folks, this chicken thing is all new to us. So when my son went to sleep, I couldn't help but go get his book and read it. It is a very good book for 10+ years old, obviously, an easy to read book for adults if you are looking for something to start with without being overwhelmed.
Just thought of mom is notorious for being "thrifty" we'll call it...she got me this book with some great pics....but they have a few of the breeds mixed up.Like,labeling a NH for a BO, and using a photo of one of the most feather pecked hens I've ever seen as a pic for showing the breed...just a thought..."Um,Mom? Maybe that book is being sold at the dollar store for a reason?"

Just be choosy about the quality of your book and where they got their info for it

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