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Nov 29, 2015
I have a chicken book and it has a bunch of chicken breeds in it. Most of the facts I use will be from, Keeping Chickens how to get the best from your chickens, by Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis. I will start with one of my favorite chicken breeds... THE SILKIE :D Silkies are very docile (friendly) and easy to keep. Because of there feathering they should always have access to a dry run and warm housing. Don't let their feathers fool you, they are bad at keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. Also typically their skin color is blue-black. They are polydactyl (that means an extra toe or finger). They have an extra toe on the back of their foot. If you want more facts ask me. I don't want to bore anyone, even though I love reading facts, not everyone does. :D Goodbye for now.
I will also tell you about many more chicken breeds, but not all right now. Later. :D
I know this is called chicken breeds but I am about to do a duck. The Indian runner duck. This one won't be as long as the silkie one. Indian runner ducks run on two feet. I heard they are funny. They are usually tall too. Indian runner ducks lay a decent amount of eggs for a duck. Their eggs are usually bigger than chicken eggs. I have seen these ducks in brown. Maybe if you ask me I can find the colors they can be. Anyways have any questions ask me. I will be getting some idian runner ducks. Please ask if you want a certain breed to be on here. Thank you for your time. Goodbye for now. :D

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