Chicken Can’t Fly Accurately


Jun 20, 2020
Hi all! Quick question about my ~13 week old RIR pullet. Lately it seems one of my chickens became quite inaccurate when flying. She’ll try to fly to a perch (in the run ~1 ft above the ground) or up the little ladder leading up the coop but instead of flying forward she’ll kind of just fly up straight pretty high and land (obviously missing her target). She then gets a bit startled and seems to avoid trying to fly. She used to be able to fly up just fine (a few days or so ago).

It doesn’t look like her wings or legs are injured or anything, she keeps her wings tucked close to her body as always. Walks fine without a limp. Eats and drinks normally. No droopiness as far as I can see. Could this normal behavior or could she be injured in some way? I was thinking maybe she’s growing so she doesn’t yet know how to balance given the weight she’s putting on.

Her sister, a bit smaller than her but should be the same age, flies up and down just fine.

Any help GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!


Jun 10, 2020
SF Bay Area, CA
I would guess it is kind of normal, as some of my chickens aren't very accurate fliers either. A few of them have tried multiple times to fly into the door, rather than the doorway. I make it very clear where they need to fly to get into their coop now, by tapping the place where they should land with my finger.

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