Chicken coop for loft? Aviary design?

Carpe DiHen

9 Years
Feb 4, 2010
El Dorado County, CA
Hello Pigeon Lovers!

I am planning on building a loft and getting a couple homing pigeons next year. I am picking out a site and looking for loft ideas. I just want a few birds for fun, and may only keep a few if/when they breed. Most of the loft plans are for a large flock of birds.

Would a chicken coop like the one on this web site work for 2-6 birds? What would be wrong for pigeons in the design?

I want an idea for a small, artistic design, but made just right for pigeons. More of a small aviary design. Can you help with ideas and details of needs?

Looking forward to some help!

Lofty Dreams

9 Years
Apr 9, 2010
That should work fine it could hold at least 2 pairs make sure you have 1 or 2 nest per pair with the long single perch some pigeons might be over teritorial knocking others off. It wold be a good idea to put an angled piece of wood over the watterer and feeder.

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