chicken coughing, Help!

Nanny Deb

May 25, 2017
One of my 3 year old girls is coughing. Ive given her some Corid. in her water and shes not drinking much in the cages as I separated her for the others... Any suggestions.. Poor girl sounds like shes barking. I did put some in her food so maybe shell get it that way. She looks healthy, comb and all are well colored and eyes are clear.. She looks so good that It took e three days to figure out which one was coughing, they all look so
much the same. (fat and healthy)... Any suggestions for my fluffy girl?


11 Years
Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
Coughing is not a symptom of coccidiosis. Corid is not an antibiotic as some folks mistakenly think. Corid blocks a B vitamin, and that is all it does. It will not fight bacteria.

Coughing can indicate a respiratory illness or it can indicate a blockage in the trachea. You need to pry open the chicken's mouth and look deep in the throat with a strong light for a foreign object. If there is nothing in the throat of that nature, look for gummy plaque inside the mouth which can indicate another disease called canker.

Eliminating a foreign object and plaque as the cause for coughing, you might then conclude you need to treat for a seconary infection from respiratory illness. This is the med best suited for that purpose.

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