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    These are my small styles. I have Silkies, but from what I have read, these should fit these birds as well:
    Ancona bantam
    Andalusian bantam
    Aseel or Asil bantam
    Australorp bantam
    Barnvelder bantam
    Belgian D'Anver
    Booted or Sabelpoot Brahma bantam
    Dorking bantam
    Dutch bantam
    Hamburg or Hamburgh bantam
    Houdan bantam
    Japanese or Chabo bantam
    Leghorn bantam
    Maran bantam
    Minorca bantam
    Modern Game or Modern English Game bantam
    Naked Neck or Turken bantam
    New Hampshire Red bantam
    Old English Game bantam
    Phoenix bantam
    Plymouth or Barred Rock bantam
    Rhode Island Red bantam
    Sussex bantam
    Welsummer bantam
    Wyandotte bantam

    To confirm size, measure from under tale to neck area, if it is about 5-6", this will fit your bird.

    Single layer of fabric, ideal for those who like to use a ziplock bag in it for easier cleanup. $8
    Vinyl fabric. This one is almost plasticy, still a single layer but a thicker fabric that has a decent wipe down. Still could use a ziplock bag in it if you liked. $10
    Double layer with cloth and then a thick plastic layer in catch area or vinyl. $14

    $2.50 for up to 2 diapers. $1 each additional.

    I'll post pics of diaper on the chicken as well as some larger sizes in a bit.

    I do have ONE that is the circles and double layer that will fit a medium bird, perhaps a Polish. Under belly measurement aprx. 8"

    Aqua teal blue fabric with light little vines on it
    Blue & Teal Squares
    Chocolate with aqua spiral flowers
    Light denim color with little egg like circles on it

    Pink stars & stripes
    Pink & dark pink with mod squares
    Green leaves
    Green VINYL (only color in vinyl) with a textured looking pattern
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    Oct 9, 2008
    I sent you a PM. [​IMG]
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    Aug 10, 2008
    Northeast Fla
    Not a problem!

    Paypal accepted.

    To purchase, send payment to [email protected]

    And send me a message with
    1-fabric color
    2-style (single fabric, vinyl (only in light green), or fabric with plastic or vinyl liner.
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