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    Mar 12, 2009
    (normally I would never cross post, but please please forgive me as I am SO hoping to get this event to take off and perhaps spread throughout TSC in an effort to promote our hobby/lifestyles!)

    Ladies and Gents!

    After MUCH poking and proding a group of us has encouraged (Read: Forced, Extorted, Threatened) the local TSC's to hold a "Chicken Swap Day". On May 23rd from 8 am to 2 pm, chicken people can come together at one of our many locations to swap, buy, sell and trade chickens and eggs!

    I REALLY need your support on this one, so we'll be able to have more! We need to bolster support for poultry in the area and work together to increase the availability of this hobby to new enthusiast.

    For those who would like to bring more than a couple of chickens, eggs or chicks.. you can sign up as a "vendor". This is FREE, but requires sign up in advance. You must bring a truck or car to set up on (Or by), and will be given space in the TSC parking lot. All vendors will be given coupons good for $2 off a chicken item from TSC (Including CHICKEN FOOD!), and the coupons are to be given to anyone who makes a purchase or trade with you.

    Thats right, buy.. trade.. or sell a chicken at the Chicken Swap day and get a coupon good for $2 off a bag of food or related item!! You can't beat that!

    There is NO cost to participate. I just ask that some of you PLEASE come out and show some chicken love!

    The locations I KNOW are hosting this event (There may be more) include Collierville, Millington, Jackson TN and Highway 64 (Bartlett/Cordova). I will be set up at the Highway 64 location with chicks, chickens, fertile hatching eggs, breakfast eggs and the like.

    I have contact information (Manager's numbers) to get anyone interested on the list, just PM me and I'll sign you up.. or give you the number so you can sign yourself up and get additional information.

    As an added bonus, anyone who wants to join me at the Highway 64 location just outside of Memphis in Bartlett/Cordova, I'll buy your lunch! Right now I'm the only vendor signed up.. but I'd LOVE to have some company and would particuarly like to push this location.

    Help support our hobby, and come trade/sell/exhibit/brag about your chickens! Even if you just have a few eggs for sale/trade, bring em' on down. If you would kindly PM me and let me know if you're coming, plan to attend, or will try to attend so I may look for you.. I will be eternally grateful.

    Anyone interested in stopping by my Petting Zoo (In Cordova) afterwards is welcome to do so and we'll give the kids a pony ride. [​IMG] Look forward to seeing you!

    *Very Excited*
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    Southeast Arkansas
    I don't know about other states, but in arkansas, this would require pullorum testing.
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    West TN
    The West TN Poultry Club is meeting at the Tractor Supply in Jackson, TN on May 23rd as well. I hope we all have a great turnout!

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