chicken friendly and safe plants and flowers in the flowerbed?

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    My chickens like to be front yard chickens when I let them out of their coop and run they love to dust bathe in the flower beds (really cute) and occasionally they find goodies to munch on there to, be it bugs, dandelions, chrysanthemums, sunflowers wild strawberries and raspberries I love seeing them having so much fun. I am about to orde flower seeds from my most favorite seed company BOTANICAL INTERESTS where I also buy my heirloom garden seeds keeping my chickens in mind are there certain plants I should avoid placing in my garden that could be harmful to my birds? Any that are beneficial?
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    You don't want them to eat any bulb type plants or their bulbs. They are toxic to chickens. Generally a chicken will know when a plant is toxic to them and will avoid eating them unless they are really starving. But just in case, I removed all my bulbs in the gardens that I allow my chickens to range in. There are other plants they should avoid, but the bulbs were all I can think of right now. :)
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    Apr 15, 2013
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    I have some plants that are poisonous to chickens. The chickens are out there daily. I doubt that the chickens will eat anything bad for them, provided they have free choice of things to eat.

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    I have a whole side yard full of lily of the valley... I hope they won't want to munch on those. I have plenty of other things for them to munch on, believe me... but I put the tomatoes in the front yard this year because I would like to eat them and don't want my chickies to get to them first.
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