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Crow-ded house

May 2, 2016
Bartlesville, OK
I was out buying fixings for Thanksgiving and wanted a pumpkin for my chooks. No pumpkins in our stores in this county. Plan B-we bought some cantaloupe and a melon as they love those. On a whim I saw some cranberries. I thought it was worth a shot for a nice treat. I have never given those before. I rinsed them off, chopped them up and OMG they went nuts!!! Even the boys that run and cower in my presence was running up wanting more!! So now while the berries are in stock guess we need to buy more bags and freeze so they will have plenty over the coming months. Stoney the rabbit got a small handful too and she was standing in her begging position for more but they all had their treat special. They all had a good couple of days. Yesterday was leaf pile put in the run day, weather is perfect and now cranberries. Do not know how I am gonna top this weekend lol:wee


Spring has sprung!
Jul 23, 2018
Edgewood, KY
I’ll guess we will have to try as a treat. We always have too much relish at Thanksgiving from making whole bag of cranberries. Can’t get less than whole bag. Probably will pull some out for them to try before making relish.

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