Chicken is standing like a penguin with eyes closed. I need immediate help!

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    Alright, I'm panicking a bit. For the last week, one of my Wyandottes has had a hurt leg, so she limps. She has been living inside in a dog crate separated from the other birds, and her leg has not improved. Also, she is digesting very slowly and doesn't appear to be eating much. I assumed it was just a twisted ankle like if she landed on it weird jumping down from the roost.

    Today, my other Wyandotte has become sick. She is standing like a penguin with her eyes shut, although when we walk up to her she becomes aware and runs off to be a penguin in another spot. It seems serious. Is there a disease in my flock?

    I should also mention the sicker one has black dots all over her comb. I assumed it was from some pecking and that it would just heal.

    Thank you!
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    It can take a couple of weeks of rest to recover from a bad sprain or fracture. Putting her on some vitamins with minerals may help, along with the calcium from her layer feed.
    The second hen could be egg bound, but in older hens that look can also be internal laying especially if she has not been laying eggs regularly. Can you put on a rubber glove, and insert one finger into her vent 1-2 inches to feel for an egg? Pictures of the comb may help tell whether it is peck wounds or something else.

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