Chicken is walking on both of its legs hock since 2 days ago.

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    Mar 11, 2014
    About 7 weeks ago, my chicken probably had a sprained leg. Before he appears to walk normally with his left leg, he is walking on it's left leg hock for almost 2 weeks. About 3.5-3.75 weeks after he got a leg problem, my neighbors dog, probably wanted to play him, or bite him(however, I didn't see any bite marks, or wound), and he got out of his cage. After that, he is limping with his left leg. It seems to me, that his left leg is improving up to about 1.75 weeks after he is limping again. After 1.75 weeks, he is back to walking on his left leg hock. About 2 days ago, or 20 days after he is limping again, he is walking on both of it's legs hock. No other chickens have the same problem as him, even the chickens who eat and drink at the same feeder and waterer with him for at least 1 week. I confined him on a cage with wires on the bottom, about 3 days after he is limping again. Is it possible, that the wire made his leg problem worst?

    That's how he positions his feet, about 5-6 days after he is limping again.
    He positioned both of his feet is like that constantly since 2 days ago. That photo, is actually taken about 6.5 weeks ago.
    About 3 days ago, he can still use his right leg normally. But about 2 days ago, both of it is positioned, like the position of his left leg in the photo.
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    Have you checked his tendons?

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