Chicken isn’t moving or chirping


Jun 11, 2020
I have 7 chickens, and decided to get 7 more. On Monday we went to the Atwood’s and bought some. Only one had pasty butt, so I cleaned her up and put her back with the others. Every morning and every evening I check her for pasty butt, and clean her up if she has it. Today she stoped walking. She’s still breathing, and she will open and shut her eyes. She will crawl but never far and only if she really needs to (like if a chicken is pushing her or jumping on her).She won’t chirp, but I can hear a faint clicking noise from her instead. I tried giving her some sugar water, and that had no effect. And I’ve spoon fed her some moistened chick starter she still hasn’t been getting better.


May 28, 2020
That sounds so pathetic. Sometimes clicking means that the chick has aspirated liquid, hence the clicking when breathing. Less oxygen, less energy, etc. I don't think there is anything you can do but make her comfortable. Does anyone else have a suggestion?

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