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May 9, 2010
Cabot, AR
Well it finally happened to me...2 dogs got into my chicken pen this morning and killed 12 of my 15 chickens. I have a solid wood gate with 2 latches on it, one at the top, one at the bottom, but they still managed to force the gate open to get inside. 2 of my BO's managed to get out but not the rest. One of my SLW's survived but I don't know for how long. I called the sheriff's office and they sent out a deputy who went and wrote the owner of one of the dogs a citation for letting his dog run loose. He immediately put the dog in his pen and shot it right then. The other dog has not been found yet. Tomorrow going to get bigger stronger locks. I am just sick!!! My 6 SLW's were out laying my 8 other hens 2:1! I don't know where to get any more at this time of year. I do have some fertile eggs in the fridge...can you incubate fertile eggs that have been in the fridge?
Oh wow - I'm sorry about your flock. I'm not sure if the eggs will hatch after being in the fridge. As for the owner of the dog, more power to him for doing what he thought was the responsible thing with the dog. Not sure I could do that. Maybe he's had trouble before... Hoping you can find some layers somewhere.
Take the eggs out of the fridge and let them "rest" pointed end down while they come to room temp, In 24 hours, put them in the bator and hope for the best. Your hatch rate may be low, but you should get some new chicks! It's worth a shot...sorry for your loss...been there.
I don't have an incubator and can't afford one right now either. I am hoping someone on here in Arkansas will offer to incubate for me or let me put some of my eggs under their broody. I loved my SLW's. They were great layers and the roo was so good, too! I always keep them penned until about 9am so the hens will eat their layer feed first, then let them out to free range. If they had been out I am sure more could have escaped, but in the pen they were trapped because the gate swung almost shut behind the dogs. If anyone knows of anyone within 2 hours of Little Rock or of Franklin, TN (going there this weekend) who could incubate or brood these eggs for me please let me know! Thanks so much!
I believe the owner of the one dog was being responsible. Sometimes dogs escape even the most careful of owners. To have put it down immediately was, in my opinion, a very tough decision, but he did what he felt he had to do. Any other time, that dog may not have been a problem if it had gotten loose, but happened to be with another dog. Like kids, when 2 or more dogs get together, they tend to forget the rules.
Shooting his own dog may have been the smart thing to do. Like others have said maybe he had other troubles and was avoiding the really big fine? My idiot neighbors shot their 2 pitbulls after a sheriffs deputy came over to investigate a complaint of their dogs threatening another neighbor. When the deputy got out of his cars the dogs showed aggression and came at him (talked to the deputy myself about this one). He unloaded a full clip and missed! He left and sent back animal control to take the dogs. Now my neighbors are idiots, but not completely stupid. They shot those dogs before animal control came over to take them and they would have found theirselves in court because that would have been the third time for those dogs. I think I'd have a smidge of respect for anyone that could take care of their own dog problems. Not an easy thing to do and many people would not, even if it was the right thing to do. I know if I had that kind of trouble I would shoot my own dog before letting animal control take it and put it down for me. I am a firm believer is accepting your responsibilities. Don't push it off on someone else or leave it in the hands of the lord.
I am so sorry for your terrible loss. Such a sad story. I too am glad that your neighbor had the decency enough to take care of his dog which is sad as well. I pray that you have luck finding someone to hatch your eggs. I am so terribly sorry.

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Well he shot the dog because he can't afford to have the police coming around...apparently they are into drugs in some way, according to one of my neighbors who are kin to them.

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