Chicken mutts -what could they be?

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7 Years
Nov 1, 2012
Kastel Sucurac, Croatia
My chickens are 9 months old and my roosters( the grey and the white one) are 8 months old. I bought these brown egg layers from a woman that didn't know which breed are they. Does anyone know? I got the roosters and the black hen as chicks that are sold for Easter. Do you know what mix could they be? And finally, about a month ago one of those brown egg layers has gone broody. So i collected 9 eggs from the other chickens. On day 8 she removed one of the eggs from her nest and on the 21th day these little chicks hatched. Can anyone tell if they were male or female? Or what could they be(meat-eggs?) when they grow? Any kind of info or answers is really appriciated. :)

The Expression of a mothering hen is like no other. :lol: It is too early to tell but they sure are cute. Your grey rooster looks to have some silkie in him.

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