chicken not eating after sour crop treatment. please help?

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    Hi All,

    A couple of weeks ago we noticed one of the my hens was hiding behind the bushes keeping to herself. She was not eating and her crop was very much enlarged and if we massaged it at all she would vomit alot of liquid and bit of grass up. We took her to the vet the next day and it turns out she had a yeaste bacterial infection in her stomach. she was put on antibiotics and later probioitics after the antibiotic treatment was finished. She seems to come right very quickly and was back to eating her usual diet and was very happy for quite a few days. Her crop went down in size and all was well.

    The other day it seemed to come back, he stomach was swollen again and she was vomiting and not interested in food or water. We put her back on antibiotics and her stomach has once again gone down so we have taken her off them. she is still not eating or drinking so we have been feeeding her probiotic yoghurt through a syringe and water. which passes through quite quicly as sooon as we feed her.

    she seems interested in food at times and then other times had no interest in it. she is still very quiet and still but is still sleeeping up with my other chook and hanging around her. We keep bringing her inside and sitting her in our laps for an hour or so at a time and she is quite happy to go to sleep.

    I dont really know whats going on? what it could possibly be or if we are doing the right thing.

    I suspect her stomach may just be feeeing slightly delicate after the past couple of weeks and she may be a bit traumatised from that but I really don't know. if anyone has any advice or suggestions it would be very much appreciated. thankyou so much for your time [​IMG]
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    no idea but here's a bump

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