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May 31, 2012
lake mary, fl
Hi my name is John. and I love to paint! but I always am running low on supplies and I have so many paintings that I dont know what to do with them any more so I figured I might as well start to sell them. So I figured I would start here!
So I can paint on canvas or art paper any size.prices vary on size of canvas or paper. I will paint a picture specific to you of your animals or you can just get one that I have already done.
I can ship anywhere. Thanks So Much!
-John Lawless
Have a Good Day!
I may have to commission you to paint one of my roos and possibly a pigeon once tax season comes around! I have a little bantie OEG cock named Hatchet that I would love to have a painting of. I just don't know if I would want him alone, in some "stately pose" or something a little more exotic. Maybe something like him squaring-off with a lion- making him look like the Badass he thinks he is! lol
Nice work,
Thanks so much! sorry it took me long to get back to you my computer was having problems.. Yes let me know about your little oegb i have a little serama rooster that i have painted and accually made a sculpture of.

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