chicken pecking my feet !!


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Oct 22, 2012
Does anyone know why my chicken would be pecking my feet!? Iv had her for a week now and she seems to enjoy when ever I come near her to peck me and have her chest puffed out! How do I stop this behavior ! She does understand when I tell her no but will come back and do it again!
toe jam of course

I have no idea why she's doing that, but I hope someone with more chicken know-how can chime in and help you. I'm completely new to chickens - but it seems to me that it's a dominance issue. Since you've had her for a week she's probably testing her newfound person, to see what limits (if any) you're going to impose on her. If it were me I'd start picking her up a few times a day and cart her around the yard under your pit (like a football) so she knows she's pretty much powerless against you and you're the boss.
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That seems like it could be as sometimes she does puff the chest I have learned to just stand there and not run from her, it is a tricky one my first chicken so everything is new maybe tommrow could be a day for cuddles and extra attention! Hopefully she doesn't try to gauge my eyes out! Or rip my hand off hehehe! !! Thanks for your input though its just very annoying and I guess I don't want her to get any ideas that she can find more naughty habbits and be a real meant , Kus then ill be the chicken :)
My girls do that every now and then. The chest thing is a bit of a dominance thing but, nothing to worry about. I think that they figure it looks like something good to eat. On the way funny side try painting your toe nails. Lol....They really go for the bright red colour!! My girlfriend and I always laugh the first day of sumer when you go out with bare toes.

On the serious side I find if they do that and I make a loud a cluck or something that it seems to turn them off. But they do come back and try again!!

Good luck and keep trying.
My hens peck at my wifes toes because of her nail polish they must think her toes are Strawberries becasue they do not bother my feet but they will chase my wife through the yard trying to peck at her feet. Its actually really funny I think.
Very funny and cute I think I would probably laugh at that aswell, but this pecking seems more of a dominance power trip as she does when I have my shoes on aswell, and the other dynamic ever she bit me .. she had a very messed start and this is just what she has to go through in order for her to work it out that she is a chicken. For an ex battery she is super friendly and gives me eggs everyday counting the big mass I found in the garden would equal one a day hopefully she will sort it out for herself if I always be firm but fair with her wel here Is hoping! Will keep you guys updated

Cheers for the feedback good to know im not the only one being pecked!
I know mine peck at my fingers and toes, even if I just have on clear nail polish - Anything sparkly and *BAM* you just got pecked by a sharp beak. Yours sounds a little different though. Chickens tend to think of everyone and everything as part of their pecking order. You should be at the top. Before when my roosters would act up, or my hens would peck me, I would use my finger nail to hit them a couple times on the back (Not very hard, but they did seem to accept that I was above them on the pecking order) and the roosters... Well I just made sure I topped what they did, without harming them, of course. When your hen does that lean over and use your finger to "peck" her. If she retreats, don't follow her, just assume you won. If you are on the top of the pecking order you won't have to remind them too often, but if they challenge you just remind them. My hens don't have a rooster right now, and sometimes they follow me around the yard and, randomly, run over close to me. I've heard hens like to be around the head hen, or rooster if you have one, so it might also make them a little more friendly
I just got off the phone to my local vet as this very same thing is happening to me with my 2 girl's. Apparantly they see me as a threat as they have just began laying. Today they were very aggressive...tomorrow I'm wearing steel cap boot's when I feed them. And I thought they loved me :(...Teenager's!!!
You could also try stomping your feet at her when you notice her coming in for a peck. Let her know that behavior will not be tolerated before she even does it. Since you just got her, she's probably still stressed (ESPECIALLY since she's an ex-bat). New home, dirt- which many have never experienced, new person. I have one hen in particular who is infatuated with my shoes, any shoes doesn't matter which ones. She'll follow me all around and peck my feet. I've learned my lesson about bare roes around the chickens :oops: Boots or Crocs only around them!

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