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Mar 19, 2008
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I know chicken poop is supposed to be the BEST fertilizer but how long does it have to "cool off" before it can be used safely ? ??
Can anything be added to it to make it ready sooner ??
I had planned on using the droppings on this years sugar corn crop but don't want to mess anything up !!
From what I have read one year to age poop. We are going to set up 6 piles and add to them for 2 months each. That way when the first is ready to go I will have a new pile every other month for the garden.
I put some of mine from last fall on my garden and let it sit there over the winter. By the time we till it under (April or the beginning of May) most of the heat will be gone.

The poop and straw otherwise gets thrown into my compost heap. I'm a "lazy composter" so it takes longer for my stuff to break down. I have a two sided composter which I take turns filling. One side got stuff during 2007 and the other side will get stuff from this year. So I can start using the 2007 stuff later this year and into the next. Then that bin will become 2009's bin and so on.
Blue fire; I bought 10 tubes of the Chicken Poop chapstick this past X-Mas and gave them as gifts. Kept two for myself too. I love it! It's made w/orange and lavendar oils and it actually smells really good! Highly suggest you get some:)
Oh yeah, and they have these really funny bumper stickers that say "Kiss Me, I Have Chicken Poop On My Lips"!!! Bought some of those too. I put one on the front of my coop door.
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