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May 21, 2020
Is there any hope for my hen? She is a 7 month old Buff. Last week, I noticed a slight rattle in her breathing and she was shaking her head every once in a while. Today, the rattle is very prominent. She is open mouth breathing and very lethargic. I have seen her pick at food, but not swallow anything. I have not checked her poop because she is free range and I haven't been able to track it down. I have been dousing her head with VetRX and feeding her some droppers of it mixed with water. I lost my bantam to this same disease last month. I just want to know if it is a lost cause so I can put her out of her misery, or if there is a chance she will come through. Has anyone had a hen that survived??? I have little faith that my best efforts will make a difference. I live in AZ and we are having the mildest winter ever with no rain or moisture, if that matters.


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She started with the head shaking, drippy nose and slight rattle I would say about 10 days ago. She has never produced an egg and her wattle and comb has always been miniature compared to my other hens. Her comb perked up in color slightly today, but physically she is acting much worse. I consulted an online Vet yesterday and he said many hens just pull through, but I can't tell how far gone she is at this point.
I have lost two to this, and another isn't doing so well that I may have to cull. I'm not positive on what it is, but with the symptoms mine have I believe it is Coryza. I tagged a few people that should be able to help you.
Do you have any Tylan, Tylosin or another antibiotic on hand?
No, I am not able to find any. The best I have found is a product from Pure homemaker called Ambroxitil that lists Tylosin as an active ingredient. It won't get here for 5 days which I worry will be too late.
Call around to the feed stores in your area and ask for Tylosin or penicillin. Also see if you can find any aquarium stores that sell fish and ask for Fish Mox. Look for pigeon supply stores and ask for Tylosin powder. Let us know if you find anything.

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