Chicken supplies to have on hand.


Jul 1, 2020
Small town in Washington
Hello! I am 13 and my dad is building me a vet shack! I hav been treating my chickens and friends chickens for various injuries/diseases, and my dad has decided to build a shack outside to store supplies, and work on my chickens! I have a super long list of tons of things to purchase for horses, dogs, cats, and or course, chickens! But I was wondering if anyone knows of some good vet like stuff to have on hand to treat any kind of chicken incident! I hav eatings covered like, Vetrycin, eye ointment, wound flush, bandages, scalpel. Does anyone else have brands of theses things they like, or anything else I could be missing? I feel like I am missing somethings. I am defiantly gonna be a vet, this is gonna be like my first vet clinic :D! I am super excited, tell me if you have anything to add! Thanks everyone! Avery

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