Chicken was energetic now listless, sitting lots, leaning onto her side

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    Apr 23, 2012
    Ideas please - got 4 beautiful ladies (were aged 12 weeks when we got them, now aged 15 weeks) and they were ok for 10 days then the most energetic one became quiet, sitting lots, leaning on her side (Saturday).

    Took her to the vet on a Monday, he said to return a sample to be checked and ring him on Friday. Sample was returned immediately - I rang Tuesday and he was to ring me back - he didnt.

    I tried the apple cider vinegar in the water as mentioned here.

    As she wasnt getting any better I rang him and told him all symptoms my girl had and that I had read on this site suggested Coccidiosis as possible cause, he neither agreed or disagreed and gave her course of BAYCOX which is a two day course 24 hours apart (in drinking water).

    I didnt put apple cider vinegar in the water while on the BAYCOX.

    On the second day the hens knocked the water over and so I contacted him and left a message with the after hours receptionist but he never returned my call.

    Back to putting apple cider vinegar in the water.

    On Tuesday I rang again and got a different vet so explained my situation, she gave me a second 2 day course of BAYCOX.

    No apple cider viegar in the water.

    Today my girl has a pale comb, lying on her side and appears to be sneezing??

    Any ideas or suggestions please.
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  2. whiskey54

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    Apr 23, 2012
    Contacted another vet who gave her a total "head to toe" check , took a look at a sample under the microscope (showed me, most impressed with his level of service) and prescibed a course of AVIWORM as could see two worms. She is now fitting fit and as energetic as ever.
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    I had a barred rock that had these symptoms. She turned out to have a neurological problem. We had to put her down after 2 weeks. Your chicken might have this, but maybe not.

    Hope she feels better,

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