Chicken with respiratory issue. i have an idea.... HELP!

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    Oct 29, 2016

    So we rescued a cold, wet, late chick.

    It is very very sleepy but every now and then it will pop up and look around.

    Its left foot is curled, which ill easily fix with some tape, have done many times before.

    But it is breathing very quickly... and will make a clicking sound if you get your ear up close to it.

    Now, i am not a vet, but the symptoms are very close to brooder pneumonia (Aspergillosis).

    Which practically consists of fungal in the respiratory system, there is no cure but is advised to keep its area clean and dry, which is no problem because i have removed it from the nest and put it into a box that I've set up with bedding and heat, to reassure what ever it has will not infect anyone else, and so i can further watch it and treat it if necessary.

    So. Because there is no direct cure. What about natural anti fungal ingredients like turmeric, or other ingredients, i was thinking of boiling into some water and then letting it cool and feeding it a few drops, because it is harmless, whether it has a condition or not it may support it.

    But i am no vet, so what are your thoughts..? is there anyone that has faced a similar issue and what did you do? do you know if turmeric is okay for a chicken?

    I'm really in need for some help, all appreciated. Thanks.
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    I've not had good results once a chick in that situation makes the clicking sound. Sorry. I'd guess the chick has gotten sick from getting chilled. My usual tactic with weak chicks is to give them drops of diluted Nutri-drench until they either pass or get up and start eating on their own. BUT, sometimes the result is the clicking sound - which I've always assumed is from the liquid going into their lungs.

    He won't make it if he isn't eating or drinking. If he already has respiratory issues it is a bad idea to try to force any liquids at all. But in a case like that you can try whatever you want and see what happens.

    Keep him warm and dry and see what happens.
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