Chicken yard Layout


8 Years
May 23, 2011
Newbie question....I am interested in raising chickens in my backyard. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to build the coop so that the chickens are able to roam my garden freely. I would fence the perimeter of the garden so that they are confined to that area. My thinking is that I could get some fertilization and pesticide benefits from the free roaming chickens.
Chickens will also feast on your veggie plants too though. I wouldn't recommend letting them range in the garden. Set up a compost pile for the manure so you can still reap that benefit!

10-4..thanks. Like I said, I am new and still trying to figure this thing out.
Chickes LOVE Gardens, they will eat it up.. I use the Fence to Keep then out of the garden, flower beds (mine love Tulips and Roses)

I would do like "KBlue" said "Set up a compost pile for the manure so you can still reap that benefit!"
I've been reading that you can let them loose in your garden in the fall after you harvest, and again in the early spring to scratch the dirt all up and eat any weeds... but they will pretty much destroy a garden if you let them. I'm thinking about making a tractor for mine, and making it sized to fit between my raised beds and letting them go to town around the garden, eating bugs and slugs.

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