Chickens and photography....GRRRRRR!


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
I can never get the cute pics of my chickens. They have ESP. The minute I think "I need to get a pic of that", they quit doing it!
I was just out to the coop and my bobsey twins, Girlie and Bella - identical in every way, right down to matching saddles - were sitting on adjoining nestboxes with the same exact look on their faces.
I ran back to the house and grabbed the camera, only to go out and find Bella had finished and left the nestbox!
They are very good at that! I tried to take a picture of my girls with their coop in the background yesterday and of course they wouldn't cooperate. They kept on following me!
There are just some photos you cant "setup"... that is why I often take the camera out with me first. then I watch for photo op. Some of my best pictures were taken because I just happened to have the camera on me at the time .... like these.



I agree. I almost always have one of my cameras with me. Sometimes you get nothing and others you get priceless pictures. Here are a few of mine when I had a camera with me.


Peachick great action shots! Nice and clear great job!!
glad you liked the pics. it was hard to stop at only showing off 3 photos. I have so many that are dear to me.

The tirck is to have the camera on hand at any given moment.
AND to "predict" an opportunity.
The flying peahen photo... well, she was on the roof of the chicken coop. Knowing she would fly off the roof if I tossed out treats.... I aimed the camera, tossed the treats..... and started clicking...... I got lucky!

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