Chickens are making LOUD noise


9 Years
May 12, 2010
Central MA
Today around 2pm, my almost 22weeks old SS were making loud noise.
I've never heard that from them.
Not the sounds they are hurt or happy or scared.
Coooook cooook coook, kinda sounds.

SO I thought they were laying eggs. I went where they were but no eggs.
They were doing that for about good 30min.

Are they normal??? Are they trying to lay eggs or something???
Mine got really loud before she started laying
right before she was yelling up a storm. Now she yells about 20 minutes before laying her egg.
I googled and said "chicken make noise AFTER lay eggs".
Can't find any eggs!!!
I hope they are just practicing noise first before lay eggs...
Sometimes they others will join in the celebration too, like a sing along. Ours were especially loud when first began laying, but now they're a little quieter.
Usually mine make a lot of noise for a few days and then lay the first egg, and than only make noise if a hen is taking to long in the favorite nesting spot.
Lol I heard mine making those same noises (egg layin song) and i Rushed to see her, and for weeks she would do that. and little had i noticed, that everytime she would do that i would notice that i needed to refill their water again, so one night in the midlle of the night she was stirrin up a storm (and we live in the city so she cant do that LOL) so i ran to her, noticed she was outta water, watered her and that quieted her right up LOL i think i may of trained my chicken to alarm me when she wants something! Oh Great!
Oh my god! My 5 bantams are nuts! Yesterday the Sultan got on the roof of the shed and the Sebright was like: "Hey are you ok? Help! Help!" Then the Sultan was cook-cook-cooking as if to say: "Look how high I am!". They are just so funny. I love the chicken drama in my backyard.

Oh and once the Sultan lays an egg, she pretty much announces it until EVERYONE come in to see her beautiful eggy. She and the Sebright are 2 peas in a pod and the Sebright always hops up to the box to make sure the egg is ok. The other 3, who are cochins, just kind of come in to participate. So cute!

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