Chickens ate Lambda-cyhalothrin .04% treated ant hill

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Jul 9, 2022
He had an ant hill on our property we treated with bonide ant killer granules, lambda-cyhalothrin .04% about 2.5 weeks ago. Last week we noticed it looked like the chickens got into the hill and I'm assuming ate the ants and/or granules. They just recently started escaping their run. I called the company and also spoke to SafetyCall. All they could tell me is it is metabolized in chickens pretty quickly and to call our Veterinarian and have them call FARAD. We dont have a Veterinarian for our chickens. They all seem fine, no behavior changes. Still laying like normal. My question is, do we need to stop eating the eggs for a certain time frame? I've scoured the internet and just dont know what to do.


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It has "low toxicity" to birds. Highly toxic to bees. As unfortunate as it is for bees, it shouldn't hurt the chickens. If you are worried, it can't hurt to give them each a couple of activated charcoal capsules to absorb any remaining in their systems.

But your worries should be minimal.

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