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Sep 9, 2012
Nothern New Jersey
My mom says god made animals only to mate and eat and she doesnt believe me when i say chickens are like the domestic dog or cat they have their own personalities thought sadness and happiness can people tell me and my mom how smart chickens acutally are and what you think about it i wanna prove chickens have brains and are intelligent im so tired or people who have no understanding or animals call them dumb thats just mean so tell me a story about your smart chickens and pic of them being cute wanna show chickens are awsome
All living creatures deserve to be treated with respect.



Feeling shy

Preen queen

Curious Askew

Askew as a chick. She was very proud of her askew feather.

Do not disturb me during my nap.

Just who do you think you are?

Another sunbather.

Still Sunbathing.

Whatchya doing?

Gossiping Trio
Chickens are living dinosaurs called velociraptors. They lived millions of years before humans and will continue to thrive millions of years after humans are extinct.
Well, I am not sure what your Mom means about chickens being dumb - they most certainly are not dumb, but they think and behave like birds. I know that I read a study once that showed that chickens preferred attractive people, once - so they obviously think about things other than food and reproduction. I know they recognize thier keepers, mine know me on sight, even from far away. One of my game hens ambushes people to take food away from them (she mugs people, you could say!). I have chickens that know thier names and come when they are called. I have chickens that have certain friends (other chickens) that they prefer to socialize with. My chickens like to forage, that takes thought - they look through brush, they dig in the dirt for insects, and they hunt small animals. Many of my hens raise chicks, and I have observed them giving thier babies pieces of food to eat, and showing them where to sleep or hide. Mother chickens will defend thier babies. Roosters often call their hens when they find something good to eat, and let them have it.
your mom was probably taught that so when her bunnies or hens ended up in the stew pot she would eat it and not throw a fit. but there are some dumb animals like people but that does not mean they have no feelings they operate on a lower level of consciousness that's all. and because I know they have feelings and are not able to comunicate to people in words I feel sometimes if we try to prolong their lives using excessive means (many operations or lots of meds) they may act better but I always wonder if we had Mr. Spock from star trek to mind meld with them if they would tell us to put them down or allow them to die without all those operations, so for those reasons O may be cruel hearted to some but I would rather put a pet down at that time and adopt an adult pet from a pound and save a life they would put down. my thought is witch is worse a sick or healthy animal put down?????? sorry for the off track rant off the soap box.....

I have yet to meet a "smart" chicken. Obviously, they're going to be less intelligent than dogs or other such animals, but they seem outrageously stupid despite their biological complexity otherwise. Maybe ours are just uniquely idiotic, but it took them WEEKS to figure out that bread was not going to try to kill them. We had to train them to go into their coop at night - they could not figure out how the ramp worked. They apparently don't grasp repeated patterns - one of them HATES being picked up, yet it still walks over to me whenever I open the door to peck at an exposed zip tie.

Is this just a Rhode Island Red thing? Our new white Leghorns aren't quite as stupid and they're a lot friendlier, though they still haven't figured out that bread is for eating, even when we break it into chunks. They still freak out at anything made of plastic, too.

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