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    Jan 14, 2007
    rainier washington
    I am having to sale my whole flock and have been raisng for many years..

    I have a ton of things that have I breeding for show and are great birds

    dont want to ship so please all washington folks or you are going to travel.

    Bantam cochins

    group of white.. 1 roo, 5 hens $150.00

    group of mottled.. 1 frizzle roo,8 hens $175.00

    group of black/blue,. 1 black roo , 3 black frizzle hens, 1 smooth black hen, 1 smooth blue hen(this hen is not as good but what she lacked the rooster makes up and has produce awesome chicks)$150.00

    1 buff roo very clean buff $30.00
    sorry no hens

    barred/lavendar project very rare color
    1 barred normal phase roo, 1 splash barred roo, 1 lavendar barred roo, and 2 blue barred hens,
    all can carry lavendar gene and have been getting some really nice barred and sports from them.. also have a very young splash barred lavendar roo .. $200.00


    pair of very nice partridge 1 hen 1 roo$40.

    splash roo excellent comb perfect nice walnut..(this guy will turn heads) $50.00

    1 black hen $30.00

    1 splash hen $30.00

    2 buff hens very nice buff $30.00 EA


    this will be the last of them just sold my flock and willhave very limited to go..

    I have a partridge hen that is the most amazing looking girl huge crest.. she is perfect $50.00( worth way more)

    I have some white sg chicks not sure how many have to count in my brooder and will see what else hatches in my final hatching$15.00 each.

    I have 1 blue chick my splash rooster ablove is the dad and mom will be listed her also.. i think this chick is go to be awesome$15.00

    I have a very clean buff colored chick $15.00

    I am also offering a black sg but is smooth feathered but this girls carries everything you need to produce awesome sg.. breed her to the splash rooster and you are sure to get amazing things from her.. great crest skin is so dark.. foot feathering . toe space.. all awesome.. $45.00

    have more to list but have to run and feed some chickies

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