Chickens will not leave their coop


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Aug 14, 2020
Hello All!
I have two 15 week old ladies; a black australorp and Amerecauna. They’ve been outside in their coop since 6 weeks of age. They have gladly spent the entire day roaming the yard from the time I open their door in the morning until I lock them up at night. The last 3 days, they have not left the coop at all. That is until just now as I took some pictures of them to add to this post😳. Now they’re outside for the first time in days. Normally they come running out right away every time I open the door in the morning. My Amerecauna normally follows my austarlorp around like a shadow. So I was thinking that something could be wrong with my austarlorp. I also read that austarlorps can start laying as early as 16 weeks so maybe she’s feeling different the past few days as she’s approaching the 16th week.Nevertheless, has anyone one experienced this before or know what the problem could be? Their waddles are not bright red, do they look healthy at their 15th week? Thank you!
Thank you both. @sourland & @fuentemoon

I have seen a red tail hawk around. There are woods behind the property. My ladies do have shelter but their run is not fully enclosed. They’ve been just fine hanging out all day for the past 9 weeks. I have CDs floating around to deter the hawks. I also heard that hawks will avoid the black australorps because they appear as crows. And my Amerecauna resembles a hawk and hawks do not travel in packs. So this will confuse the real hawks. Do you find these statements to be true and that my setup is sufficient?
Thank you @sourland . I have some coop reenforcement to do. I already lost my other chicks to racoons the first week they were outside. So I’d hate to lose more

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