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8 Years
Jul 12, 2011
So I received my chicks today, (YEY!) all healthy. Quick question about them though. I've seen the poop chart that was very helpful however on that chart I never saw any poop that was bright green, like the color of spring grass. Cool to look at, still curious to know if thats normal or not though.
Thats funny, I just got mine in today too and they have bright green poop as well. I have not seen it before either, that's not saying much though because I am very new to chickens.
I had the same thing in mine from Ideal Hatchery......

Nothing to worry about thought!

Its just from the suppliment they ship the chicks with. Its a green gel they can eat for hydration during shipping.
I cant think right now soooo tired from walking our state fair today with the kids but I had some still left in my shipping box when they arrived..... I think its called grow gel or something like that.....

The green poo will only last a day or less if they are eating and drinking really well as mine did right out of the box.

Anyone else know what the name is????? Tip of my tonge!!!!!! GRRRR
Ah, thanks a bunch, I was wandering what that might have been. I thought I saw some pellet looking things that were green in there box and wasn't sure.
Nother question though. 1. )All the chickens were doing great but now one of my hens seems to not want to live anymore. She just lays in the corner with her face down and doesn't move. I had to take a needleless sureng, (not even close to how its spelled but I think you get the point,) and put water in it so she would drink then get some watered down food and put it in her mouth for her to eat. Anyone had this?
2.) They sent 4 roosters with the 8 hens so they would stay warm. I know all roosters vary on when they start to crow but since I live in a very residential neighborhood that doesn't like noise in the morning, (I can't even go out before 10am and mow the grass or make loud noise so I don't wake up my neighbor who works at night,) are there any leghorn roosters who don't crow?
3.) Do these look like leghorn roosters to you?
I received my chicks yesterday. They started out with greenish poop but after a few hours of regular feed and water they were all pooping what appears to be normal "bird" poop (whitish/greyish). I tried giving them Grogel when they first arrived but none of them were interested in it. They all loved the starter feed instead. All are still healthy and happy and full of energy this morning.
If you cannot keep the roosters, you'd probably want to get started on finding them new homes, soon. They'll crow. 99.9% of all roosters crow. It is their job to crow, their need to crow, their right to crow, at most any time they wish, as loud as they wish, for as long as they wish.........

Well, OK, you get the picture.

BTW, the "girls" aren't exactly quiet either.
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