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    Ok I'm sure I will miss some on the list..we have a few hundred little fuzzy butts chirping around here right now. Some older I will put over in big birds
    Bantam MILLE FLEUR Cochin Splits all are black most are black mottled there is also a blue mottled or two from this pen.All are 2-3 months none have good mottling in the chest area...yet.They are young and it could come in more but as of now not much.Roosters are free Pullets $7.00
    Strangely colored Bantam Cochin Roo Looks more like a deep blue than a lavender but came from a lavender hen and my MF Roo and it's Barred to boot! Has poor toe feathering like the Lavs seem to have but will make a sweet pet FREE
    Barred Rock Roosters some pushing the 8 week age and a few younger all from my Blue Barred Roo they should have some good size FREE
    Hatchery Pullets-Ideal Special 6 weeks Silver Laced Wyandotte,one that looks like a hatchery Partridge Rock, BO $2.50 I just needed a few new layers for my egg sales.
    BLRW ILoveFrizzle's chicks 1 single comb roo FREE then 3 rose comb I can look closer but thinking one really looks pullet $5.00 not sure on the other but I really haven't looked close at them lately
    Olive Eggers First Generation from my FBCM Roo and Ameraucana Hens..white black and blue from Pips& Peeps all are feather legs pea comb and many have cheeks black blue and white chicks.All 2 weeks and under $3.00 straight run only

    I have way too many to post pics of and you know how fast they change at this age so if your interested in any please E-mail me [email protected] and I will zap you some current pics.
    Edited to add some pictures
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