Chick's feathers coming in slowly

Pigeon Power

6 Years
Mar 28, 2013
I have 13 chicks all standard Cochin straight run, 3 different colors, same age... All are getting the same amount of feathers in (for the most part) and are about half feathered out but one. He has a bit on the wing and feet that's it. Any thoughts?
How old are they? I had a Cochin and it took him forever to get all his feathers--they're just a slow-growing breed all around. That one of yours could just be even slower to mature. I'm not sure I would worry about it if he's doing fine otherwise.
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They will be a month old the 24th...He is doing good others wise, I was just worried he might have some type of mineral issue or something.
No, I'm sure he's fine. When my Cochin was 3 months old and bigger than all the rest, it looked very funny to see this huge chicken with fluff on his back still! He was fully feathered by the time he was about 4 months old and it was several months more before he had his pretty, long saddle and hackle feathers.

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