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I'm a newbie to chickens....I just got my first ones yesterday

I noticed this morning that one of the Buff Orpingtons had a area by the tail feathers where the others are "pecking" at.

It is now just a very small area that has a bit of blood around it and on the tip of the wing feather.

Now the question....what should I do to stop that or is it just a "nature" thing? ...Will they stop on their own?...Do I seperate and if so, what will happen when I reintroduce?

I did a search for the answer and I am sure there has to be a thread about it, but I didn't find one on chicks, found one where duct tape worked on an older chicken, but not chicks.

Thanks in advance for any answers and advice.
nah i wouldent seperate right yet. Mine were pecking at each others EYEBALLS!! and they are still living
just watch to see if it gets worse. its a nature thing but it can get bad sometimes. if it gets really bad seperate the ones who are pecking. I have Never had a problem with reintroducing them.
Chicks are attracted to red so you need to do something about that blood or they will continue until he is dead. See if you can find some Blu Kote (sp?) and put it on the raw/red/bloody sections so they will stop pecking at him.

Another way to discourage pecking, if you haven't already got it, is to use a red brooder light.
I think the red light did the trick, She no longer has any blood although the area is without feathers (raw) I noticed that she keeps messing with that area herself, kinda reminds me of a dog licking its wounds.

Occasionally as she walks by another chick, that chick may take a quick "peck" at that spot and she moves on. I also applied the Vicks to the area and it seems that the others don't like the smell or tast so that probably helps.

.....and MissPrissy, breakfast was great.

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