CHIPS.... my baby what is wrong???? Help Please!!!!!!


13 Years
Jul 9, 2009
Chips was hatched indoors and lived with Pie and her hatchlings until Pie attacked Chips.... Chips is imprinted upon humans and is so very cute - Chips takes care of the babies hatched by Pie and is extremely sociable.

Today Chips is looking depressed and on viewing Chips ( him/her) appears to have signs of "Angel Wing" - Chips is now over two months of age.....................Question....... does Angel Wing appear at this age???? If so - what can I do to help Chips?????

Please respond with your thoughts - I am so worried for Chips and will do anything to help him/her to lead a normal. happy and healthy life!

Thanks for the response - I can take images tomorrow of Chips - it does have the same apparent image of Elvis who has Angle Wing - I mistakenly thought that the problem of Angel Wing happened at birth/ hatching.... I was convinced that Chips was attacked ...... resulting in the wing being in the awkward position I am seeing here with Chips...

I wrote a piece that is in the stickies at the top of the duck area on angel wing. Seeing how we wrap may help you some. AW happens as the wing feathers grow in and can be a combination of causes from genetic to too high of protein in the feed.
Celtic Oaks Farm - amazing information - I did not read the stickies ( shame on me) I will treat Chips tomorrow - thank you for being there for the likes of me and all of us who seek knowledge to help our fowl and feathered friends!

What is Chip's diet?


Hi Amiga,

Chips has been on a diet of specialist feed for ducklings - I am in the process of changing feed to proprietary duck food - they all free range during the day eating grass, dandelions and other vegetation.

Chips was hatched in August and has been given the same diet as another duck hatched some two months earlier, the other duck has no wing problems.

I managed to photograph Chips today - hopefully you can tell me if this is Angel Wing.....

Thanks in advance for your help! I am happy to follow the instructions on the "Sticky" posted by CelticOaksFarm if it is indeed Angel Wing as I suspect

Thanks Miss Lydia! Chips is such a wonderful character....


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