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  1. i haven't had a lot of luck with my broodies trying to hatch eggs. But i have a Showgirl, Lt. Ohura, who has been religiously sitting on some Mille Fleur D'Uccle eggs for 21 days. i have her in a hutch in the shed. Just went out and heard chirping coming from underneath her. She is sitting there making contented sounds and using her beak to push more straw up against her front.

    So, this is all new to me. i assume i just let her do her job and not bug her until the babies emerge? She hasn't been off the nest in over a day and not sure she has eaten. Should i put a bowl of scrambled eggs in front of her? i did that yesterday and she reached out and ate every bite.

    If this works out well i'm packing away my incubator and using my silkies from now on.
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    My silkie Lives to hatch babies, everyone elses babies....Just leave her be, I also fed mine while she was on the nest cause she wouldn't leave it for anything and always lost a lot of weight. But she will get up and do her thing when she's ready, she knows they aren't done hatching yet, when they are she'll be up with her babies...Good luck and Enjoy!
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    I would make sure you have chick food and water for the chicks very near so that mama can teach them how to eat. She needs water near for herself as well.

    I gave my broody scrambled eggs too. I should think after all that sitting and not eating well, that it would be good for her.

    Good Luck,
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    I'm so excited for you! I can't answer you, as I'm totally ignorant of hatching and broodies, but I have to tell you I adore her name!!!!!
  5. Thanks for all the good advice. i'm cleaning up the food and water holders for her now, and switching to chick starter. Got some scrambled eggs cooling down for her, too.

    The name Lt. Ohura really matches her. She is the Showgirl on the left in my avatar. She's gorgeous, but one tough cookie.
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    Of course, you do know pictures are required. [​IMG]

    Nothing better than broody mamas with chicks. [​IMG]

    She is beautiful.
  7. i just got a peek at two little chicks under the Lieutenant. One was trying to climb up through her wing and she pushed it back down. Then that one (i assume) and another tried to sneak out the front. She pushed them back under her. She also saw a broken egg (one that a chick had popped out of) and pushed that under her, too. i guess she isn't done hatching. But i am really hoping to get some pics today, if possible.

    This is very exciting, more so than the hatches in my incubator going on simultaneously. i hatched 5 Porcelain D'Uccles yesterday. Had the very expensive Hattrick Silkie eggs in there too and i thought they were all duds. But today i have two white silkies hatched out and three more pips. i guess the silkies are just slow, or those D'Uccles are fast. [​IMG]
  8. OMG - i was just out in the shed giving the Lt. a piece of cucumber. Out from under all her fluff poked three tiny heads. i just burst out crying. i've never seen anything more beautiful in my life.

    Of course, i didn't have my camera with me, but will take it out next time and get some great pics to post. i think i heard chirping from under her, so there may be more coming. She had six eggs total and so far three have hatched. She is being a great mom!

    So, i guess i just leave her alone until she gets up off the nest?
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    congrats!! what a good mommy! i hope all six hatch.
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    [​IMG] Congrats! Can't wait to see pics! [​IMG]

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