Cicada sound but Grasshopper appearance

Gammas Bearded Babies

Free Ranging
May 24, 2021
Middle Tennessee
Went out to check on the babies in their new open air coop and saw this!
I was like oh boy! A neat treat for em!
So I excitedly go over to pick the critter up (which I would NEVER do before, but now I have these lil cuties and figured it would be treaty for them)! That thing made the loudest noise scared me and the chicks so I dropped it immediately! Got a stick and scooted it over to em cuz of course with all their feathery crest they didn't see it still.
Polish stepped on it still not knowing it was there. Vanilli immediately comes to investigate then lost it when it hopped. Mango goes over to it and it made the same noise it did to me and he jumped so high he hit his head inside their old 2' little run!
Gotta luv chick TV!


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