Circular raised beds?

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    Hey all, my wife and I are starting to get everything ready for next year (yes it is time already!). Anyway we do everything by the BOFF principle around here. Careful. get your mind out of there! BOFF stands for Beautiful. Organized. Frugal. Functional. So we are going to plant everything in raised beds next year (except crop stuff like corn/beans etc). So because of that pesky "B: it needs to be nice looking too. Here is the design we like:

    So the question becomes how to make the circular part. I have though of using bags of concrete (don't laugh it can look pretty cool). See here:

    What you do is stack the bags and then wet them down every other day for a week or so. Eventually the bags fall/rot off and you are left with a stacked concrete wall. You can drive rebar through the bags too if you want some more support before you wet them down. After they are done you can stain them or use a chisel on the edges to make them look more rustic. Anyway anyone ever tried this? At $3/bag locally they are much cheaper than the normal blocks you buy for walls. Anyone have a better idea or done something else? Thanks!
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    That looks like a neat idea, although for it to look good it would take a bit of time. rebar would have to be driven though through though, because, I think, paper between the bags might hinder them adhering to one another in a stack. But it does sound pretty cool.
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    How 'circular' do you wish it to be?
    I've seen some good success with 4x4's cut into a shorter length and stacked almost like Lincoln logs. (I think they were just 2' or 3' long). Have enough 'angles' and they will turn into a circle not a square!
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    Sunny side up :)

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