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  1. On my laptop (Windows 7, Firefox 43.0.4--what I've always used with no problems), the last couple of hours, this is what I get when I go to my Subscriptions page:

    Everything's normal when I use my phone.

    Oh, wait--Firefox wants me to restart for an update--I'll let you know if that fixes it or not[​IMG]
  2. Nope, still nothing--and I even had to sign back in after restarting Firefox (now version 44.0).
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    Is it your forum subscriptions you are looking for? If so, if you choose the tab that says "threads" instead of the one in the photo that says "activity", are they there? (that's where mine are)
  4. They're there, but trying to go that route doesn't take me to the first unread post--it takes me to the first post in the thread. I did try switching to the mobile view on my laptop, and that gets me what I'm used to seeing on my phone (and does it ever look strange when it's so big [​IMG] ). Not something I want to do all the time, though.
  5. potato chip

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    If you click the icon in the first column?

  6. Oh. Duh.

    It's still strange that the Desktop view is different than it has been the entire time I've been on here. I've always used the tab showing in the screen shot.

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