Cleaning a bird


8 Years
Apr 8, 2011
Got a rooster that needs to go.3 pecks and he is out!! Has a attuide problem.Killing not a problem,,hang by feet,slice throat.Let bleed off,then what??? Get the guts out??? Or you pluck first after dunking in hot water.Not ever done birds.Deer and pigs,ok.Great being a newbie.Have a few young roosters that need to go.Thanks!!!!Kevin
Well I dispatched my rooster[3 months or so old]Not much to him.Hardley worth the effort.Did learn a few things.If ya want meat,raise a meat chicken!!!! Not really got these for meat,,eggs!!! Got them at RKO and hoped for the best.$1.29 each.Still was fun watching them grow.Kevin
LOL...yea, we have 19 cornish x that will be ready to process in about 2 weeks. They are little fatties!! You rooster was a little young to butcher wasn't he? What breed was it? I have a little 6 week old RIR cockerel (they were supposed to be all pullets) that is showing some signs of being a poop already. I keep threatening him with the stew pot but I don't think he believes me!
I always let my standard-breed boys grow until at least 18 weeks, often longer, so it's worth the effort to process. If they're aggressive I just find a way to keep them confined until they're ready.

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